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3x5ft Polyester flag with 2 metal grommets

This is the original design of the POW-MIA Flag, unlike some recent copies where the patch is  very over sized

$ 9.75 each


1 POW-MIA Flag incl S/H


2 POW-MIA Flags incl S/H

$ 22.00

3 POW-MIA Flags incl S/H

$ 33.00

4 POW-MIA Flags incl S/H

$ 43.00

5 POW-MIA Flags incl S/H

$ 53.00.

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Profits go to the Florida Chapter of the 173rd Airborne Brigade Assn

to buy a Flag the old fashion way, by check or Money Order



Shipping is by U.S. Mail and FL Priority mail depending upon the quantity order. Will ship to U.S. and APO addresses only.

For LARGE orders I can quote a special price for shipping, please email me first.

Email; prior placing any large orders


Please allow one to two weeks for delivery